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Here I keep some links related to the book
Gödel, Escher, Bach - an Eternal Golden Braid
by Douglas Hofstadter.

If you have any suggestions of links that would suit this page, I would of course be very happy to hear about it, for instance by email! See the page footer for a suitable address.
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Douglas Hofstadter

Other Related Links

  • GEB FAQ - maintained by Tomoyuki Tanaka
  • Wikipedia has an entry on the book.
  • Shepard Scale Illusions - a discussion on the illusion of ever-rising tones by U Baysan and F Macpherson at The Illusion Index.
  • Acoustic illusions - The Shepard Effect discussed by Stefan Scheller.
  • Haiku Habitat - info on Haiku, retained by the Web Archive
  • From a GEB course at SICS held by Faron Moller:
    • Here are some notes I made while following it the spring of 1995.
    • Here are some notes by Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro.

This page is in no way, officially or inofficially, connected to Douglas Hofstadter, Gödel, Escher or Bach, or any work by our about any of them. In fact it is not officially connected to very much at all apart, of course, from being a collection of links related to GEB.

I have limited time to maintain this page, but I keep it online anyway hoping that not too many links grow stale. This may also be evident in the time I answer mails about it, please excuse me for this. Sooner or later things get done :-)

And if you want to read the book, please don't ask me for excerpts. Being just a GEB fan, I obviously hold no rights to it.
Go buy it instead. It is worth it, and you will make DRH happy!


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